Willkommen, Hello, Bienvenido

Good to see you here. Make yourself comfortable – I hope you’ll stay a while.

So, here it is: my personal little webspace.  I am the author of „Europe to go“: the blog of a twenty-something German student. That’s me, Lisa! Besides that, I’m a freelance journalist, part-time traveler and European.

Looking back, I have always wanted to write and be a journalist. Maybe I’ve watched too much Gilmore Girls (At this point, I have to state that I am referring to the original seven seasons, not the recent Netflix revival – no further comment on this). I started working for the student magazine in 7th grade. Since then, I have made my way through the jungle of opportunities and possibilities of the media world: I’ve taken classes, done internships, worked in projects – and by far I have not reached the end yet.

Since the beginning of this year, I am working as a contributing writer for Weser-Kurier, the daily newspaper in town (you can find some of my articles here). Though it’s not a lot for now, I’m finally making money with what I love doing. But that’s not it yet – at least for me.  I want to improve myself, broaden my horizon, sharpen my skills – and I want to raise my voice for the things I care about.

But, what do I care about?

Well, I guess my blog title gives it away already: I have found my passion in Europe, or rather the European Union. Its system, politics, neighbors – and especially its citizens! I like to wrap my head around how things work. Especially cultures and societies – and the influence of politics and in general community structures on that.

“It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference.”
– Wangari Maathai

This summer, when I was on vacation in Oslo, I stumbled upon this quote at the Museum of the Nobel Peace Prize. And I think it sums up my passion for reporting about people engaging in the community quite well.

Interdisciplinary approaches

An interdisciplinary program like the European studies has given me opportunity to solve some of those issues. Class by class, topic by topic tiny puzzles pieces have come to fit into each other, creating a bigger picture. Not making life easier – but rather more questionable. As the author of this blog, I’d like to discuss more of these questions. Most probably I won’t find satisfying answer – but we’ll hopefully gain some insights. And that is probably as good as it can get. Because most of the time, there is no right or wrong, black or white. Just several shades of gray all depending on perspective, perception and expectations. This blog, it’s a piece of Europe I am carrying around with me.

On the other hand, everywhere I go, I take me being a European with me. No matter where I am, what I look at or talk about – it’s biased by my personal E u r o p e a n view. And that’s okay – as long as we are all aware of that. My interests merely fit all into one topic. Especially since I have started working for a start up, I’ve dealt with the topics of project management or design thinking. So, as you can see, pinpointing my passions can be seen as rather difficult. But who says journalists need to focus on one field?

German, English or – Denglish?

Since I have been mostly publishing for a German-speaking audience, the majority of my articles is still in German. I am trying to keep up with translating my older articles into English. Those I am already done with, can you find here. For a summary of my work suitable as a resumé, please visit my profiles on LinkedIn or Xing.

To finish up now, I promise to stay curious – I hope you do, too!